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‘Oreo’ Cookies & Cream Brownies

The art of doctoring store-bought brownie mix is no surprise to most who like to bake. For years now, I have used various ingredients, swapped out liquids, and added spices as well. There are many recipes on the web for what … Continue reading

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Shamrock Shake with Irish Cream

One would think that the McDonald’s Shamrock shake is the symbol of St Patrick’s Day. Why not forego the four-leaf clover and leprechaun? Everyone loves a good milk shake and this one is even better as it is laced with Irish … Continue reading

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Double Delight Peanut Butter Cookies

What makes a million dollar cookie? A great recipe, the right judges who like it, and great creativity. This is the 2008 Pillsbury Bake-Off winner. It is a twist on the classic peanut butter cookie. The cookies have creamy inside, … Continue reading

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Frosted sugar drop cookies

There is nothing better than a simple sugar cookie. But, we can’t stop just there. A rich sour cream frosting is a perfect accompaniment. These cookies are perfect for Valentine ’s Day, or perhaps the ideal edible Valentine. The cookies … Continue reading

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Chocolate Salami – Salame di Cioccolato

  This treat will definitely satiate your chocolate craving. Salame di Cioccolato (chocolate salami) is a traditional Italian holiday treat, however, it does not need to reserved for just the holidays. This decadent and delicious recipe is perfect for many occasions. If your headed to dinner … Continue reading

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blue cheese and walnut crackers

The uniqueness of these crackers provide many opportunities to discuss them with those who are enjoying them. Now, on several occasions, it has been agreed that a sweet jam or chutney would be ideal with the savoryness of the cracker. Therefore, this is why I … Continue reading

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triple chocolate chip cookies with sea salt

 Valentines day seems to be on many minds this week. These cookies offer a huge dose of chocolate with a hint of sea salt and ground espresso. The kids will love them as the espresso is so subtle and the … Continue reading

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Oven Toaster Strudels

I really can’t and don’t want to call these poptarts as they come out looking more like the toaster strudel that  my mom used to buy for my sister and I when we were young. Their texture is light and fluffy … Continue reading

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julia child’s boca negra, flourless chocolate cake with a bourbon white chocolate sauce

it has been several years since i’ve pulled out julia child’s Baking With Julia. this cookbook is full of wonderful dessert recipes as well cookies, breads, and danishes. her boca negra (flourless chocolate cake) is a favorite and it had been … Continue reading

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fresh cranberry and nut cake (bread)

  in keeping with a tradition, christmas brunch will be at my house again. this is such an enjoyable meal because no one has expectations but there are so many creative holiday options to make brunch festive. let alone, i … Continue reading

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