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what we love… maille dijon mustard

  hands down, ‘maille dijon originalle’ is the best dijon mustard. perhaps it is as the label says it is, 260 years of expertise. after 260 years, the recipe should be flawless… regardless, it has a good bite to it. not … Continue reading

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roasting bell peppers

  ingredients: 4 red bell peppers 1 tbs olive oil the peppers can be roasted by baking, broiling, or grilling over an open flame. if baking, preheat the oven to 400 degrees. line a baking sheet with aluminum foil. place the … Continue reading

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caramelized onions

  Caramelized onions are a cinch to make and far less expensive that resorting to the store-bought version. Time and onions are the two key ingredients. If kept in an air-tight container, they will keep for a couple of weeks in the … Continue reading

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red curry peanut noodles

  i was craving a good noodle dish tonight but knew the italian route was not going to satiate the craving this time. this one hit the spot. it is a meal in one dish that offers a bit of heat, nice lime accents, and a bit … Continue reading

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modern macaroni salad

10 boys were going to be camping out with us friday night for my son’s 12th birthday and i am more and more surprised at some of the unadventurous appetites even growing 12 year olds have. decided  to make a quick pasta salad that … Continue reading

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minced pork noodles (zhajiang mian)

  this is a very popular one meal dish in northern china. do not be intimidated by its name. it is truly a very simple dish to make and it may just become a great ‘go to’ dish when in … Continue reading

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bursted tomato pasta with ricotta

  sadly tomato season is quickly coming to a close. this is one of those summers where i wonder if i ever had the perfect tomato. there were some very tasty ones indeed,but, was there ever the ‘one’? however, when it comes to cherry … Continue reading

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creamy stuffed poblanos

i loved this recipe. these peppers were hotter than usual but the ingredients in the stuffing can hold up to the heat. hot, creamy, smokey and flavorful. a great side dish or appetizer. for an appetizer, picking smaller poblanos is better as some of the … Continue reading

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spicy chicken burger with roasted poblanos and corn

  i couldn’t help it but when passing the locally grown poblano peppers featured at the local market, they were immediately in my basket. a box of orange and green treasures. pondering what to do with them this weekend and i finally decided to experiment… burgers. we all love a good burger, and at our … Continue reading

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