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Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

This could be one of the easiest summer dinners to pull together at the last-minute, especially if there is leftover chicken breast in the fridge. A store-bought rotisserie is another option if simplicity is goal. However, there have been plenty of occasions … Continue reading

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Curried Egg Salad Sandwich

What is it about egg salad sandwiches? I have yet to meet someone who does not enjoy an opportunity to use leftover eggs for such a treat. This recipe turns yesterday’s eggs into today’s meal. A hint of curry powder … Continue reading

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roasted turkey breast sandwich with brie and blueberry chipolte chutney

A great sandwich. Roasted turkey, brie, spinach, and the unique flavors of caramelized onions, blueberries and chipolte in the chutney complete the sandwich with flair. This sandwich could be made for a group as well by using long chiabatta or italian loaves. Make large … Continue reading

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crispy polenta bites

Recently I had leftover polenta and wanted to make sure it did not go to waste. I decided to bake it and make polenta bites. These would pair well with a great aoili dipping sauce, a simple marinara sauce, and even tossed in a … Continue reading

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salad tossed with smoked salmon, lentils, and feta cheese

  there was plenty of smoked salmon leftover from christmas morning and i was headed to a casual family gathering where we were asked to bring what ever we so desired. i have been wanting to cook with lentils as of late … Continue reading

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pasta scramble with lemon, peas, and parm

often times i ask my husband to boil extra pasta for leftovers. with soccer practices and many lunches and dinners on the run, leftovers play a crucial role in this household. there is no need to resort to fast food … Continue reading

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italian egg sandwich

    this traditional italian egg sandwich is perfect for breakfast or a light lunch served with a fresh salad. the sauce used in this recipe is the roasted red pepper and garlic tomato sauce. however, a favorite marinara will … Continue reading

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