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how to grill a perfect pork chop

Pork is a great lean meat with lots of flavor. A great alternative to the standard boneless pork loin chop is the bone-in pork chop … the pork alternative to the beef T-bone steak. I always prefer my pork chops … Continue reading

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champagne vinaigrette

a simple, tart, and subtle champagne vinaigrette. ingredients: 1/2 c champagne vinegar 2 tsp dijon mustard 1 tsp minced garlic juice of 1/2 a lemon 1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper 1/2 c extra virgin olive oil 1/4 c honey … Continue reading

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pumpkin cupcakes with maple frosting and broken heath bar

this is a blog of a blog recipe. i saw ina garten’s pumpkin cupcakes on a blog site and wanted to try it, however, went straight to ina’s site to be sure i had the exact recipe. the cupcakes are very moist and the maple … Continue reading

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roasted broccoli and (turkey) sausage rigatoni with ricotta

this is a very simple, yet perfect, weeknight dinner when time might be of the essence and ingredients are slimming down at the home front. what makes this recipe a bit easier than some is that the vegetables and sausage … Continue reading

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cottage cheese dressing

i was working from home the other day and had the tv turned onto the cooking channel. not paying too much attention, i happened to look over and see jamie oliver mixing together creating this beautiful mixture of something white and creamy with … Continue reading

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dulce de leche

i was watching alton brown one night and saw him make dulce de leche from scratch and i knew i wanted to try it. there are many recipes and methods for making this decadent sauce, but a lot of them start … Continue reading

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balsamic chicken drumsticks

  Family was coming over and this was one of those weekends that my husband and I just didn’t have time (or energy) to be creative and try something new. It was a great weekend to grill so we went through our mental … Continue reading

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green chili, not your standard chili con carne

  this recipe caught my eye and jamie oliver’s simple approach did as well. don’t be mislead by the word ‘chili’ as this dish does not resemble a standard chili in any way. this chili is dense, packed with flavor, and not … Continue reading

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Taste Inspired

Food has always been a passion in our family. We are constantly sharing recipes, exchanging ideas, cooking up menus for our family get togethers, and emailing ideas. Now that my sister and i live several hundred miles apart, we decided … Continue reading

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