Food has always been a passion in our family. We are constantly sharing recipes, exchanging ideas, cooking up menus for our family get togethers, and emailing ideas. Now that my sister and i live several hundred miles apart, we decided to create this blog because it enables us to continue to do what like to do and, hopefully, inspire others as well.

Food is everywhere. Some people eat to live and others live to eat. We like to think we fit the latter. With new cookbooks constantly being published, the food channels, magazine subscriptions, the internet, and fellow bloggers, there is an opportunity to be inspired by food and others day in and out.

We would love to hear your ideas as well. Welcome to our blog…

1 Response to About

  1. Liz says:

    Hi! This is Liz Barclay, from Complex Magazine. I am contacting you in regards to using your Kettle Potato Chips with Blue Cheese Sauce photo?

    We are doing a roundup of best “Potato Chip Recipes” on our City Guide channel and would love to feature this recipe!

    Please email back and let me know. Thanks!

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