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roasted turkey breast sandwich with brie and blueberry chipolte chutney

A great sandwich. Roasted turkey, brie, spinach, and the unique flavors of caramelized onions, blueberries and chipolte in the chutney complete the sandwich with flair. This sandwich could be made for a group as well by using long chiabatta or italian loaves. Make large … Continue reading

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beer margaritas (limeade margaritas)

This is a great inexpensive drink that requires little effort, especially if hosting a Superbowl party… It takes little preparation and a few ingredients. The limeade and tequila could be mixed ahead of time but it would be best to add the … Continue reading

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red beer (red eye)

This is not the true ‘red eye beer recipe’ that actually consists of vodka and a raw egg (recipe below). However, this red beer recipe has been around for ages and is a fun twist on beer. Some call it … Continue reading

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Baked Kale

  Baked kale is a fun and quite tasty way to eat this super nutritious vegetable. This is a great recipe to let the kids get involved with as it might encourage them to understand that not all nutritious foods … Continue reading

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white bean and kale soup

Kale may be my new food addiction. I can’t get it out of my mind and continue to think of recipes that kale goes well in. This is a delicious recipe. The ingredients are simple yet the flavors are fantastic. The beans … Continue reading

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simple green curry

  This is a fantastic yet simple green chicken curry recipe for those pushed for time. What simplifies this recipe is the use of the Thai green curry paste (which can be found in most markets in the International isle). … Continue reading

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grilled tri-tip

  Last summer my husband and I were watching one of Bobby Flay’s grilling shows on tv and his guest had this ‘six hour tri-tip marinade’ that he grilled. Bobby seemed to be quite impressed and the tri-tip looked very … Continue reading

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herb roasted carrots

The combination of flavors in this dish should please everyone at the table. Oven roasting carrots brings out their natural sugars and the mixture of herbs used helps to offset the sweetness of the carrots. Carrots offer numerous nutritional benefits such … Continue reading

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best buttermilk waffles

A snowy weekend, a sleepover with several 12 years olds, and buttermilk in the fridge all added up to a huge mound of waffles. Not sure if there is a better way to spend a cold Saturday morning. These waffles … Continue reading

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spicy pork and chili-pepper goulash (stew)

  Jamie Oliver does it again. This is a fantastic stew with a unique balance of sweetness and spice. The bell peppers sweeten the dish as the chilies and caraway counter the sweetness with their spiciness. The addition of the … Continue reading

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