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traditional souvlaki

  Souvlakis (meaning ‘small skewers’) are considered the hamburgers of Greece. Souvlaki shops and stands can be found on nearly every corner of Greece as it is the best-known Greek food. Souvlaki is considered fast food and is served in souvlaki shops called “souvladzidika”,These … Continue reading

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real mushroom soup with a touch of lemon

There is nothing like cream of mushroom soup. Mushrooms may be a short term craze as of late and they are worth the cravings as they are an excellent source of iron, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, copper, and zinc. This soup is divine. It is another … Continue reading

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spicy pork and chili-pepper goulash (stew)

  Jamie Oliver does it again. This is a fantastic stew with a unique balance of sweetness and spice. The bell peppers sweeten the dish as the chilies and caraway counter the sweetness with their spiciness. The addition of the … Continue reading

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cottage cheese dressing

i was working from home the other day and had the tv turned onto the cooking channel. not paying too much attention, i happened to look over and see jamie oliver mixing together creating this beautiful mixture of something white and creamy with … Continue reading

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green chili, not your standard chili con carne

  this recipe caught my eye and jamie oliver’s simple approach did as well. don’t be mislead by the word ‘chili’ as this dish does not resemble a standard chili in any way. this chili is dense, packed with flavor, and not … Continue reading

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