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molten chicken wings

While coming up with ideas for Super Bowl appetizers I didn’t want to make too many overly complicated dishes. It is safe to say that wings are usually the first to go at any sporting event. Most often people go … Continue reading

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smokey black bean dip

Dips and appetizers have been on my mind as we are approaching the big game day. With leftover black beans in the refrigerator, it seemed only appropriate to come up with a good black bean dip. This dip has a … Continue reading

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rajas con crema (poblanos with cream)

  Rajas is a traditional Mexican condiment consisting of strips of poblano chilies and onions, thus ‘Rajas’ means strips. In this particular recipe, the strips of roasted poblanos and onions are married with melted cheese and cream. Perhaps this recipe eventually evolved into … Continue reading

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white bean dip (hummus)

This is an excellent and healthy dip for any occasion. White beans must be the secret ingredient as most of the time my friends ask what is in the hummus that makes it so unique. One, it is not traditional hummus as there are no garbanzo beans or tahini. … Continue reading

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spicy pork and chili-pepper goulash (stew)

  Jamie Oliver does it again. This is a fantastic stew with a unique balance of sweetness and spice. The bell peppers sweeten the dish as the chilies and caraway counter the sweetness with their spiciness. The addition of the … Continue reading

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baba ghanouj

i do not experiment with eggplant much and think it is because while in college, my sister and i would purchase these beautiful little eggplants from our local farmer’s markets and had no idea what to do with them. now anyone can go online and find … Continue reading

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curried blue cheese spread

  this is a surprisingly good and unexpected appetizer. the mix of cream cheese, blue cheese, and sauteed apples with curry, offers a blend of unusual flavors that work extremely well together. this recipe has been taken to several parties and the response … Continue reading

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