starbucks cocktail

This is a cocktail recipe that won’t slow you down! If Redbull and vodka mix well together, why not try a spiked Starbucks iced coffee? The key to this recipe is the particular Starbucks iced coffee used as there are several to choose from (pictured below). Some of the other varieties just don’t pair as well. They can be found in most supermarkets and Starbucks stores. The extra perk to these drinks is that it is considered an energy drink and is loaded with guarana, ginseng, and b vitamins. So when your feeling slightly sluggish after a long day, this just may be the drink for you…


5 oz ‘Starbucks doubleshot energy + coffee drink’

1.5 oz vodka


Place the ice in an 8-10 ounce low ball glass. Pour in the vodka and iced coffee and stir. Enjoy.

*These Starbucks coffees come in 15 ounce cans only. Coffee is the best flavor. The vanilla and caramel don’t match up so well.


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  1. Jaiing says:

    Hella yeah! Soold!

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