red beer (red eye)

This is not the true ‘red eye beer recipe’ that actually consists of vodka and a raw egg (recipe below). However, this red beer recipe has been around for ages and is a fun twist on beer. Some call it a bloody mary. It’s not. It’s just beer and tomato juice with a few fixings. For more flavor, you can season it as you would a bloody mary. I’ve even cheated and added a large dash of bloody mary mix with the tomato juice because it is already seasoned and eliminates the need to add the additional ingredients.


1 12 oz light beer (save the expensive beer to drink on its own)

5 oz tomato juice

Dash tobacco hot sauce

Dash Worcestershire

Pinch celery salt or any seasoning sauce



In a tall glass or beer mug, combine the tomato juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and salt.

Pour in the beer and give it a good squeeze of lime. Ice is optional.


red eye beer recipe (with the egg)


4 oz beer

1 1/2 shots of vodka

3 oz tomato juice

1 whole egg (lightly beaten to break yoke)


mix together the vodka, tomato juice and egg. pour in the beer and stir to combine. belly up and enjoy!


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