turkey and mashed potato panini

tradition has it that our mother roasts the turkey on thanksgiving and everyone else contributes with side dishes and desserts. however, in doing it this way, we are never blessed with the leftovers the following day(s). this year, my husband decided to roast his own turkey breast so we could enjoy the days of wondering what to do with our leftovers. this breast turned out so delicious, juicy, and had the right amount of herbs that created so much flavor. we’ve enjoyed our leftovers so much that perhaps a tradition has begun…


leftover turkey breast, pulled apart into medium-sized chunks, or cut

leftover mashed potatoes

red onion, thinly sliced

mozzarella cheese, thinly sliced

fresh basil leaves

chipolte mayonnaise*

2 slices of a whole grain bread, however any bread to you liking will do


place the slices of bread next to each other and give each side a smear of the chipolte mayonnaise. on one slice of bread, smear about 3 tablespoons of the mashed potato and leave it rather thick as the pieces of turkey will sink into it. next, places the turkey on the mashed potatoes side and cover the surface of the bread. sprinkle the turkey with thinly sliced red onion and lay several basil leaves on top of the onions. finally, lay the sliced mozzarella over the onions and place the other slice of bread on top. *there is a local company that makes this incredible chipolte mayo. however, if chipolte mayonnaise is hard to find, mixing a regular (or light) mayonnaise with adobo sauce from a can of chipoltes will be perfectly satisfying. if more heat is desired, feel free to mince one of the chilies in the adobo sauce and blend with the mayo.

preheat a panini grill to medium high heat. place the sandwich in the panini grill and cover with the lid. let it grill for 3-4 minutes until the cheese is melted and the sandwich is nicely toasted. remove from pan. serve immediately!

*if using a non-stick skillet, be sure to press down on the sandwich with a spatula to get the best result. the cooking time may be a bit longer as you will need to flip the sandwich once the first side is

bon appetit!


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