cottage cheese dressing

i was working from home the other day and had the tv turned onto the cooking channel. not paying too much attention, i happened to look over and see jamie oliver mixing together creating this beautiful mixture of something white and creamy with olive oil, herbs, and lemon juice. the volume had to be turned up. it was cottage cheese he was dressing over the steak and beets. we have cottage cheese consistently on hand these days as our 1 year old loves it. it is such a great staple to have around. it can be a substitute for several ingredients, such as, sour cream on a baked potato. I have never used it as a sauce or very creatively at all. this was something to try. so, i did. oh my gosh. i couldn’t get enough.

ingredients: per jamie oliver’s recipe

4 heaping tbs cottage cheese

1 lemon, halved

extra virgin olive oil

few sprigs of fresh thyme, leaves picked


put the cottage cheese into a bowl and add the juice and finely grated zest from half your lemon. Stir in 2 glugs of extra virgin olive olive oil, the thyme leaves, and some salt and pepper. gently fold it all together so the olive oil and lemon marble through the cottage cheese. taste the pasta and squeeze in a bit more lemon juice, if you like. (triple the recipe as jamie’s does not make enoough for leftovers. my son loves this dressing and eats it for a snack.)

bon appetit!


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